Formatting & style for CV and teaching dossier

Teaching dossiers, including statements of teaching philosophy and practice, tend to be pretty personal.  Even content aside, when I was building my own, I ended up talking with a number of people about what theirs looked like.  The organization is interesting to see!

Inspired by synthetic chemistry researchers, I especially like the idea of graphical abstracts to highlight different projects:

One particularly tricky bit was figuring out how to show my STLF work — not being an instructor, not being a full-on education researcher, but still being involved in teaching support at a variety of levels.  This was an interesting challenge to convey (concisely and effectively).  I called it ‘course support and consultation’ but I’ve also seen/heard ‘education consultation’ or similar.  Here’s the visual approach I took.


Thanks to LOTS of help from other people (especially my resume pal Souvik Biswas), I’m pretty happy with how the style of my own CV turned out.  I’m sure it will look dated in a few years (or days, depending on how long you can live with the same font), but I’m sharing some of it here, if you’re interested.  (The full thing is on my ‘about’ page.)

What does everyone else do to showcase their teaching?  Demonstrating evidence is always a challenging thing to do as an instructor.  The first step is to collect some… 🙂

What about other STLFs and people doing teaching-related work?





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