New adventures: Biology teaching at SFU!

For the past couple years, I’ve been (occasionally) posting notes on the Life Sciences CWSEI blog.  I loved my time as a Science Teaching and Learning Fellow, and am now really excited to start a new adventure as a lecturer with Simon Fraser University in the Department of Biological Sciences.


Here’s my chance to put to work some of what I learned, and hopefully contribute to an already fantastic community!  To keep track of some of this, and to encourage myself to reflect on my experiences, I’m hoping to blog about 2.5 main things:

  • Field Notes (aka “How to hack your classroom”) – venturing out into the wild, seeing teaching and learning taking place.  there are so many different ways to be a great instructor, and I want to highlight local examples of quick tricks that I’ve seen first-hand.  Maybe some of these ideas will resonate with you, and inspire you to try them.
  • Journal Club (aka “Keep myself honest about reading papers”) – notes on pedaogical literature that I come across.  Fingers crossed that this helps me stay up-to-date on the literature.
  • any other neat SFU things that I come across!

Looking forward to this great adventure!

sfu shirt logo


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